Discover the cream of the crop! Check out our Top 10 PRESIDENT CHRONICLES that are guaranteed to captivate and inform. Don’t worry about wasting your valuable time sifting through mountains of content – we’ve already located these gems, just for you!

“The President’s Gatekeepers” 

Uncover the enigmatic life of presidents, their entourages, and world-altering decisions with this riveting four-part series on the History Channel. Delve into a captivating exploration of presidential powers from inside America’s most prestigious political office – The White House – as we peek at critical moments in history through the eyes of its chief of staff.

“The President”

Experience the remarkable stories of our nation’s leaders. This 2018 CNN original series delves deep into the lives and legacies of each U.S. president, giving viewers a comprehensive exploration of their biographies and presidencies in every episode – an enlightening journey through America’s history books!

“The Reagan Show”

The Ronald Reagan presidency was one of remarkable media mastery, and this documentary dives deep into the president’s skillful use of storytelling to shape his image.

“The West Wing”

This highly praised drama provides an exclusive glimpse into the operations of the United States government and how it carries out its duties. The series offers thought-provoking insight into power, politics, and diplomacy – inviting viewers to explore a uniquely detailed version of life at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

“The War Room”

With unprecedented access, this documentary takes an insightful journey inside former President Bill Clinton’s successful 1992 presidential campaign and the talented team of strategists that made it happen.

“All the President’s Men”

A true-story account of the iconic Watergate scandal, this film chronicles two ambitious reporters on their gripping pursuit of a story that would rock America. With groundbreaking revelations and an indelible impact on history, it ultimately led to President Richard Nixon’s resignation from office.

“The American President”

Step onto the world stage with President Andrew Shepherd as he balances love and leadership in this romantic comedy-drama. See how it all plays out when one man must make both personal and political choices that could shape a nation’s future.

“Thirteen Days”

This critically-acclaimed film provides a captivating look into the seismic events of President John F. Kennedy’s presidency, as experienced during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

“The Roosevelts: An Intimate History”

Get an unprecedented glimpse into the legacies of three iconic figures in US history: Theodore, Franklin, and Eleanor Roosevelt. This documentary series showcases their inspiring lives – from triumphs to tribulations – as they navigated a rapidly changing world during momentous times.

“The Clinton Affair”

This captivating docuseries examines the Monica Lewinsky scandal and its reverberations through President Clinton’s tenure in office. From an unprecedented look at those closest to the story, gain insight into a defining period of American history.

With so many thrilling documentaries and inspiring true stories to choose from, your next viewing session is sure to be an entertaining experience! From the inner workings of the White House to captivating retellings of history – all without leaving your couch – you’re guaranteed a rewarding and enjoyable journey.