Introducing #PRSJournalClub: A New Globally Interactive Journal Club and Podcast Discussion Series

by Rajendra Sawh-Martinez (@DocRFSM), Amanda Silva (@AmandaKSilvaMD), Sammy Sinno (@SammySinnoMD)

Journal club is an integral component of all residency training programs. Out of residency, board certified plastic surgeons turn to the white journal every month to learn about the latest scientific breakthroughs, surgical insights and landmark clinical studies. Reviewing articles with your colleagues at your institution and in your local community is an enriching experience where important issues get discussed, scientific vigor is put to the test, and the implications of major studies are debated. In this age of up-to-the minute information, and global inter-connectedness, we’re hoping to take advantage of social media interactivity to enhance the experience of reading PRS monthly.

With the help of section editors and our editor in chief, Dr. Rod Rohrich, we’ll select three articles from each month’s journal to highlight for journal club discussion. The articles will be marked with the new journal club icon in each month’s journal and similarly marked online. In order to provide a deeper understanding of the significance of the selected articles, 2-3 additional related articles will be selected for each pick and all the articles will be available for free download for 2 months on the PRS website ( Follow the links on the homepage to the Journal Club, or get there directly through the Resident’s Gateway ( Now anyone setting up their monthly journal clubs can have pre-cultivated articles to focus in on, and resources for learning the topics in-depth. Of course, every Journal Club is different, and the Editorial Board doesn’t intend for these three articles to be the only ones you discuss.

PRS has been a leader in multi-media connectivity, and this upcoming year we hope to add to that trend by introducing PRS Journal Club Podcasts. Partnering with renowned plastic surgeons, we hope to generate in-depth discussions of the 3 selected articles, discuss their implications and incorporate your thoughts.   We’ll recruit experts from around the country to lead and moderate the discussions of the salient features of each topic. We hope to even get the authors involved to hear their perspectives and how they see their work impacting plastic surgery patients and the scientific leading edge.

In order to facilitate worldwide discussion, we hope to harness the power and inter-connectedness social media provides, by hosting a monthly Twitter journal club. Each month we will select one of the 3 journal club articles to discuss over a 72 hour time period on Twitter with the hashtag #PRSJournalClub. The article and discussion dates will be announced on this website and via Twitter at the beginning of each month. Authors of the selected article will be invited and encouraged to engage in discussion. We hope to have real-time interactions, generate debate, and provide a unique new way of engaging with the cutting edge research published in PRS.

As we move forward, we want to learn from YOU! How do you run your journal clubs? What would you like to see from the new PRS Journal Club? How can PRS continue to innovate to make your education easier? We look forward to your comments and suggestions. You can leave comments below, or reach any of us via social media!

To get started or join in the discussion, follow these steps!

  1. Establish your twitter account and follow @PRSJournal
  2. Use #PRSJournalClub to ask questions and follow the discussions
  3. Watch out for the new podcasts

Send in any feedback, thoughts, suggestions and ideas for how PRS can keep innovating for you!

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